Happy Trails To You

My name is Matthew, and I'm a lover of the great outdoors. I grew up on a farm in Kansas and although it might not be the most scenic of areas, there is beauty in all of nature, if you just take the time to see it. Colorado was always the destination for family vacations when I was growing up, and that was the beginning of my love for the mountains, the smell of the trees, the feeling of the crisp air and the beauty of the changing landscape along the 8-10 hour drive from Kansas. Some of my fondest memories are from all of those trips. I remember the excitement of seeing new sights and exploring trails, climbing on rocks and playing around mountain streams. A lot of the fun revolved around the road trip itself, getting from point A to B and all of the stops and attractions along the way. They were some of the best times and I continue to go back and relive some of those moments with my wife and our dog. I also have a lot of love for the city I live in. So many nice people who are very passionate and supportive of the city. I especially love my neighborhood, Round Hill. Such a great group of people, it really makes you feel part of a community.

Happy Trails Trading Company is something I've wanted to do for some time. I played around with some ideas when covid came along, the world shutdown and work slowed, but not too long after that work resumed for me and it got put back on the shelf for another day. I've taken the time lately to spend some time on it, because it is something that brings me joy, and it's always a great thing when you find something that brings you joy. That's when you know it was something you were meant to do. I'm not changing the world by any means, but if I can bring a little joy to your life, or spark a memory you might have had when you were a child on a road trip with your family, then it's time well spent.

I hope you enjoy browsing around the items I've created here. Happy Trails to you, my friend!