Don't Just Drive Through: Must-See Stops on Your Kansas Road Trip

Don't Just Drive Through: Must-See Stops on Your Kansas Road Trip

Kansas: the Sunflower State. Often seen as a flyover state on road trips, Kansas has a surprising amount to offer adventurous travelers. From natural wonders to quirky roadside attractions and historic sites, Kansas promises a journey filled with discovery.

Here's a list of must-see stops to pepper your Kansas road trip itinerary:

  • Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve: Step back in time and explore the vast, rolling grasslands that once dominated North America. Hike or bike the trails, take a scenic drive, or visit the visitor center to learn about the prairie's ecology and history.

  • Monument Rocks: Witness these awe-inspiring chalk formations, jutting dramatically from the plains. Explore the otherworldly landscape and capture stunning photos.

  • The World's Largest Ball of Twine: An eccentric roadside classic, this giant ball of twine is a testament to human dedication (and perhaps a little Midwestern quirkiness).

  • Wichita's Art & Culture Scene: Immerse yourself in Wichita's vibrant art scene. Visit the renowned Wichita Art Museum, stroll through the quirky Old Town district, or catch a performance at the Wichita Symphony Orchestra.

  • Oz Museum in Wamego: Calling all Wizard of Oz fans! This whimsical museum celebrates the iconic film with exhibits, memorabilia, and even a yellow brick road photo opportunity.

  • Strataca: The Kansas Underground Salt Museum: Descend hundreds of feet below the surface to explore a fascinating former salt mine. Learn about salt mining history, take a ride on a mine shaft elevator, and marvel at the underground cathedral.

  • Relax at a State Park: Kansas boasts a variety of state parks offering stunning scenery and outdoor activities. Hike, camp, fish, or boat at Clinton State Park, Milford State Park, or discover the unique rock formations of Mushroom Rock State Park.

  • Boot Hill Museum in Dodge City: Relive the Wild West at the Boot Hill Museum. Explore exhibits on Dodge City's frontier history, gunfighters, and lawmen.

Kansas offers more than meets the eye. With a little planning, your road trip through the Sunflower State can be a delightful adventure filled with natural beauty, quirky charm, and historical intrigue.

Ready to plan your Kansas road trip?

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